10 Ways to Make Your Website More Visible on Google (Increase Website Visibility With This Guide!)

how to increase website visibility on google

Achieving website visibility on search engines means higher business opportunity. 

The visibility gives the website a specific identity and a solitary medium to communicate with a targeted audience.

But you cannot achieve website visibility on Google by just staring at your website. Google deeply analyzes and notices the actions and changes that you made on the website. 

And, honestly, Google takes every change seriously and takes precedence over its algorithm for delivering better results. 

In this blog, we are diving into the top 10 ways to get your website noticed by Google, so you can quickly skip fail-attempts and start bringing in more visitors, wisely. 

A quick glimpse of the top 10 ways to make your website more visible. Click on the head to jump to read the particular quickly. 

How to get your website noticed by Google or Any Other Search Engine

Listen! When optimizing a website, we often deal with online tactics and improve for online searches. Here’s how to boost your website’s visibility in Google’s imperative search rankings.

1. Earmark your website’s pages to specific keywords

You might understand now that Google doesn’t just notice vibrant websites. Indeed, notices relevant website pages that are best suited for specific searches.

You could make your website more relevant by drafting and inserting a unique-matter content that is relevant (sound closer to business) as well as informative (sound factful when reading).

Make sure that all website pages cater to a specific topic. That means in-depth keyword research of high-volume keywords along with long-tails khepharses and relevant keywords. Lately, incorporating those keywords on your page and in your meta tags.

2. Make it easy for Google to crawl your pages

The harder you make your website for crawling, the harder it takes time for indexing and visibility. 

See Google is constantly crawling a website, so give him no excuse to overlook your website in time. Try to make simple, code-friendly as well as mobile-friendly websites. This means: 

  • Inserting keywords to your targeted pages as per defined topics in the meta tags, URL, meta description, and alt text (image tags). 
  • Give scope for internal linking so your website as a whole is easier to crawl (and more authoritative).
  • Run a technical SEO audit of your site to get relief from any index-holes.

3. Add more website pages 

Adding more website pages tells Google that your site is more authoritative and compulsive to educate the audience. 

You could start with adding a blog section where you can illustrate industry on-going affairs, new tips and tricks, share valuable information about events and so on. 

I personally recommend our readers to start blogging because it is the best way to increase a website’s organic reach (means more visitors, more visibility).

For instance, you may look at the G2S Technology Blogs section to get an idea about how to start blogging on a website. 

4. Add your website to online directories

Online directories work as a second home tactic for a website to achieve visibility on search engines. Directories allow your website to embark on a complete business identity showcase. 

Here’s where to get listed:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Yelp 
  • Google My Business

The more you submit your information on maximum directories, the chances are higher to get noticed first over your competitors. However, I found it as a big-myth and might so Google as well. 

5. Get verified by Google 

Get verified by Google…it means get yourself registered for Google My Business profile. 

Thinking of making a website crawling friendly for Google? Submit your business to Google Maps using Google My Business.

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Create a Google My Business account
  2. Find your business on Google Maps
  3. Claim your business on Google Maps

Yes…it’s that simple 🙂 

Also Read: How To Create And Verify Google My Business Page (Complete Guide)

6. Use mesmerizing titles

Does it happen to you as well? When reading a newspaper, frequently read the big bold news first, or might the first attention go to big advertisement content. 

It happens because of big bold-large compelling headlines that trigger our consciousness to look and act frequently. 

Similarly, it happens on websites or web pages like blogs, news, and others. The only objective of adding compelling titles is to get noticed, not just identified.


For example, if you’re a digital marketing company and you’ve got a blog post on the benefits of digital marketing, consider these titles:

  • Not compelling: “Benefits of online marketing” 
  • Too extreme: “Why digital marketing is the best tactic for business” 
  • Compelling:  “6 Reasons to Try Digital Marketing” or “6 Ways Digital Marketing Can Improve Your Business Growth”

Aim for clarity and completeness, not desperate…! 

7. Tie-Up with higher authoritative websites that has been noticed by Google

Look for bloggers and influencers for your industry who’ve already captured the attention of a large target audience. 

  • Invite them to do a guest blog post to your blog. This could increase your website identity by a whole host of new prospects.
  • Ask to get featured in one among their round-up, review, or social media posts with a hyperlink on your website.
  • Offer to write a guest post for their blog, with a link for your website within the put up or the author bio.

8. Focus on quality content creation 

Have you ever heard from anyone about the Google ranking shortcut? I mean anyone said ‘I know the shortcuts to rank higher on Google’…intesting. 

The secret to ranking higher on Google is quality. There are no shortcuts. Focus on creating quality content that encourages readers to expect more from your resources. 

To write an awesome blog post that gets noticed, be sure to; research deeply on the topic and answer the most asked questions associated with your keywords. Include images, videos, and other media to hold attention. Monitor load times and optimize for mobile. 

9. Use enthralling images

People search Google images frequently. If you have first rate pics of your services or products, be sure they’re optimized to rank in an photo search via doing the subsequent:

  • Choose an appropriate image name
  • Keep the document size small to lessen load time
  • Add captions/relevant narration
  • Use alt textual content and title textual content
  • Include photographs on your XML sitemaps

10. Run a Google Ads campaign

Paid ads require economic funding. That said, they could seriously boost your on-line publicity. For example, if you search “personal trainer Boston”, this is what you see:

personal trainer boston google ads example

Google Ads fees cash, yes. But they also convert very well on average. According to Clutch, 90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions and 43% of users purchased something after seeing an online ad. 

Get your website noticed on Google (and elsewhere) today

Want to get your website observed on Google today? Want to rank higher, have more pages in the search results, force greater satisfactory traffic, and generate extra leads and sales?

Connect to our expert and let us help you get your website noticed today…! 

10 Ways to Make Your Website More Visible on Google (Increase Website Visibility With This Guide!)

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