Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content

Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content

Well, writing itself is an impressive journey! It taught you with the multiple successive lessons that atone you making a good content writer.

Content writing is an art as well as a skill to unprivate yourself with luxury of thoughts, antiquate innovation and aspirations. 

In the context of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content is a currency of it. Without it, you can’t think of good results.

The success in SEO lies in the creation of good and seo-friendly content, a good content delivers you pleasant and plethora of opportunities and success. It could be in the form of result in high blog traffic, boosting marketing experience, delivering values and promising, etc.

So, what’s the secret behind creating a good seo-friendly content?

That would be discussed in this blog. But before jumping on that how about looking to the benefits of creating seo-friendly content.

  1. Improves ranking
  2. Higher conversion rates
  3. Reduce bounce rate
  4. Gain social media attention
  5. Increase brand awareness
  6. Drawing more traffic and much more

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10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly content writing

It is dubitable to say that content has no boundaries or is limited to some barriers. It’s everywhere and played an important role in marketing, selling, brand conversion, CRM, etc.

Talking about digital marketing, content is devastated and is solely required in terms of ranking.

Well, writing for blog posts, article creation, guest posting, infographics, social media curation, and others – there is important of writing content according to the niche of SEO principles – G2S Technology

Here are the top tips for writing seo-friendly content:

1. Think before you write!

Before beginning to draft your first idea into whitepaper – think carefully about the message of your piece. What do you want to tell your readers, what center-peice to hold and convey your reader to react to it? What’s the agenda of your writing? Write down the answers to these questions before you begin.

2. Devise a structure

In my years of journey of content writing and assessment – I always prior to begin writing the content for particular topics before drafting a suitable and satisfying structure. This trick goes for both while writing a 500 word article or a 5000 word blog. 

Remember to frame solid structure for your blog post.

3. Use paragraphs

Writing content in a wager style doesn’t make any sense! For me it’s a waste of time. Truly saying, your idea behind writing a blog will work when you make it ‘easy to read’ to your readers. Use paragraphs writing style-method to engage with readers in every line of reading.

4. Use multiple headings

It’s a fun tip! Use multiple headings in your writing journey i.e. blog post, guest blog, and articles. This practice is close to writing seo-friendly content as Google algorithm recommends use of multiple headings in your blog post.

5. Use transition words

Content writers may be familiar with this term ‘transition words’. If you’re a beginner, then it may be blur, but incorporating transition words adds a different-level of impression in your writing. Deeper, it increases the score of readability.

‘Accordingly’, ‘consequently’, ‘hence’, ‘so’, and ‘thus’, are examples of transition words.

6. Add inbound and outbound links

Links plays a crucial part in content writing. Google recommends that whether writing for in-house articles or out-house articles, adding links to appropriate particulars helps in writing good seo blog posts.

It could be your previous article link or product displayed page to any outside or third-party website/blog/brand pages.

7. Add content regularly

Consistency is technique of keeping your content skills alive! So, Google believes in-same. “Regularly adding new blog posts to your website tells Google that your website is alive” – Yoast

Moreover, it also keeps your reader in touch with your aspiration and business.

Bonus Tip: Use Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is a wordpress plugin that helps you (content writer) in to write that ‘awesome’ content using it’s AI technology driven features and significance.

Using this content assessment tool will help you in drafting and analysing your blog for casualties and advantages. It is an All-in-One content assessment tool for writing seo friendly content. 

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Wrap Up

Gone are the days when few SEO tricks were enough to consider to get your website to rank well in search engines (Google). Nowadays, content is king and will remain in limelight for years.

Thus, creating seo friendly content is par important creating a seo friendly website. In the end, consider these friendly tips into your content writing account and enhance your writing skills, effectively.

Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content

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