A Step-by-Step Guide to build Local SEO Citation In India

Guide to build Local SEO Citation In India

Citation management could also be pronounced as Local SEO management. However, it is a part of it which is very basic and many new SEOs bie triggered their careers managing citations for their stakeholders/clients. 

Citation is a key ranking factor for local seo. How? 

When built correctly, citations can be solely easy to manage and can lead to improved local rankings.

Learn the flaws of how to manage and optimize citations with a step-by-step guide. 

What Are Citations?

Many SEO geeks utter words on ‘citation’ in different lingo but with a common agenda. 

Whatever they wrote, the basic objective of building and optimizing citation is to drive good ranking for geographically target areas. 

Well, Citations are online credentials to a business that feature the business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP).

Commonly, citations are in the form of online directory or business listing marketplace, but other types of citations exist.

seo citations

As you see, citations involve minimum amount of information i.e. Name, Address, and Contact Number (aka NAP). However, most websites offer many more opportunities to add additional information.

Types of Citations

Simply put, a website (not business-focused) that allows you to list your brand identity with critical information commonly name, address, and contact details with hyperlink feature – falls in the citation management. 

There are several different types of citation websites out there, SEO specialists can easily mark their business but with care-to-note only those which offer more value to your local seo practice. 

In my belief there is no such type of citation format to classify as most citation website proximity to its address and phone number (and ideally website URL).

However, professionals classified some citation types to know it better. Those are- 

i) Structured Citations

ii) Unstructured Citations

iii) and, Co-Occurrence of Keywords

To know more about types of citations for seo, read here

Link Building vs. Citations

I know many of you get confused b/w link building and citation. The fact is SEOs mistakenly group citations management into link building.

But, these two are different and done in an absolute manner, the intent is much different. 

Here, link building aims to increase the number and quality of inbound links to a particular webpage or website. On the other hand, citation development aims to educate search engine crawlers about the local business carried by the business owner.

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Why Citations Are Important? 

You heard citations closely affect the local ranking! Also, it gives valuable or metric-performance action features to online seekers. Having citations present in your website can also educate users to take action lately. 

However, the fundamental importance building citation are:

  1. Improve Local Rankings: Having your business recorded in believed online catalogs conveys messages to Google to improve their level of sureness that your business exists.
  1. Piggy Back Page One Results: Another advantage of building references is that some business directories dominate page one of local search. Sites like Yelp and YellowPages will in general reliably rank high for most nearby searches.
  1. Earn Referral Traffic: Citations open the new-world of business and are powerful too to bring new customers online. Like Yelp is the best citation performing website for restaurants. 

Conclusion, getting listed in maximum potential directories possibly may earn valuable referral traffic.

How To Build Local SEO Citation? And The Best Way To Optimize 

Now, here’s the practical lesson – how to build citations? 

Eye on these checklists carefully and act wisely while detonating your knowledge at par. 

Step 1 – Find A Good and Reliable Citation Websites 

The ignition of local seo citation development starts with research. Find some good and business related website categories that allow you further citation accomplishment trials. 

Remember! Not all citations out there are made for you or you may not be able to get your business listed in all of them. 

A good rule of thumb to win-here is to start with the online business directories that are most relevant to your industry.

There are several online lists of top industry citations by business category:

Step 2 – Make An Account or Register Yourself

The next step after finding a website for citations is to register on them. Many citations websites have easy registration with less-information input feature. 

Additionally, setting up an account takes no time. Typically, 2 or 3 minutes. 

Step 3 – Punctuate Crucial Information 

Now, complete your profile by adding crucial information such as business name, registered office or address, and the failproof phone number. 

Re-check your inputs and submit to the authoritative site, soon it will add your citation information after confirmation. 

Step 4 – Give Relevant Links 

While input NAPs you can at the same time offer links to your website or particular web page as you set objectives for your citations. The given link is a way for users to navigate between pages on the Internet.

Step 5 – Optimize Timely

It is not a one-day job, it requires frequent optimization of your citations. Be sure to re-check or update additional information related to your business in 30 days as recommended. 

Also, optimizing citations (online presence) is really simple task as there are few factors to keep in mind:

  • NAP Consistency
  • Descriptions
  • Website Link
  • Business Category
  • Images/Photos
  • Reviews and Rating

The job is not done here! Citations are less as a serious SEO job than as an investment. 

So, it is important to keep a constant record of citation track and measure its value. 

Many tools offer different ways to track citation statuses and performance. You can use them!

Does Region Affect Local Citations? 

That’s a very flaunt question! 

Yes, your location, region, and country absolutely affect your citation performance. Though it is said to follow NAP consistency as it refers to having consistent name, address, and phone numbers across all listings.

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Local citation is an irrevocable action that leads to better local seo ranking. Thereby it should be done accurately, precisely, and effectively. 

Accomplishing citations is very simple. Just follow the guide (above steps) and you are set to build and optimize citations with comfort and confidence. 

In case you need help with local citation building or strategy development. Contact local seo service provider and will help in everything from local seo citation development to citation track and measures report. 

Thanks for reading our guide on local citation 🙂

A Step-by-Step Guide to build Local SEO Citation In India

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