5 Recent (Hot!) Google Ads Updates You Should Know About

Five Recent Google Ads Updates

Tech-Giant Company, Google recently deployed multiple updates on Google Ads. Read this blog to discover the latest Google ads updates. And in case you just missed some, catch those here and acknowledge the fact.

Do you use Google Ads for your business? Do you find it helpful? Does it offer optimal returns? 

Google Ads Updates

Google Ads or Google Advertisement is the easiest way to stimulate products and services online. Since the modern consumers are superstitious, they first search for the ‘purchasing-product’ online and then plan to snap up.

On the surface of the Google decorum, Google always looks out for its community to facilitate online search experiences. 

Since it’s been a decade using Google and its sub-child applications and softwares, we made ourselves absolute aerate and in particular developed high hopes. 

In light of the fact, Google never disappoints their community, since we got a recent Google ads update in the last month. 

To be honest, the developers and engineers of Google’s Community which have made changes and introduced some new hikes of crips in this update will surely help advertisers and somewhere enhance internet-errichtet buyers’ ordeal. 

This is what I am thinking….personally! What’s your opinion? 

That being said, here are the September 2021 Google Ads updates that you should read today. We have picked five major updates and concisely described them in brief. 

  1. Changes in keyword matching behavior 
  2. More automation for Display campaigns 
  3. Data added to the search terms report 
  4. The sunsetting of expanded text ads 
  5. The new “about this ad” page 

We will explore each of the new google ads updates briefly…

Update #1: Changes in Keyword Matching Intent

Declared on – September 23, 2021

Keywords, Page Speed, and Mobile-Friendly are among Google’s center boiling-point. It always takes keywords (customer keyphrase searches) on priority to enhance the search engine result pages. 

Narrating Google’s announcement, briefly, on September 23, Google shared that B-E-R-T (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, powered by ML and AI), which helps Google to understand the context and intent of search queries, is now being applied to keyword matching in Google Ads.

In simple words, Google will now show more precise results on the basis of the ‘Exact Keyword Matching’ algorithm. 

For example; If your exact match keyword is [food restaurant], then a phrase match keyword would also trigger [cheap food restaurant] or [best food restaurant near me]. What wouldn’t work is [restaurant for food near me].

Update #2: More Automation for Display Campaigns

Announced on – September 15, 2021

The second major update that Google pointed our eye is about standard Display and Smart Display campaigns. Since, it is hard to understand how Google ads campaign works but however, it’s equivalent easier to optimize campaign as per needs. 

On September 15, Google announced that standard Display and Smart Display campaigns have been merged into one campaign type. That doesn’t mean that we cannot have the option to run standard Display campaigns or Smart Display campaigns. 

What it means is, when targeting a campaign type, you will now only see one Display option, under that you need to classify the type of display you want to choose for your campaign model. 


Google also illustrated his views on automation display update is that display campaigns are now automatically put into optimized targeting which allow advertisers to pull in clicks (more calls/more engagements) from folks outside of your selected audiences based on your objectives.

Update #3: Modification To The Search Terms Report

Briefed on – September 9, 2021

Dated September 9, Google announced a favoured update for advertisers which is about, it listens to advertisers’ query for more information in the search terms report. A search term report is a script or list of a crucial number of people who performed search terms and that resulted in your ad being placed. 

More on this report, ad owners will be able to also see search terms they gained impressions on—regardless of whether they pulled in a click or not. This will highly facilitate making concerned decisions and strategies to improve advertisement conversions.

Update #4: Terminating Expanded Text Ads

Announced on – August 31, 2021

Since Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) which had been in the race for long for search advertisers will no longer be available, said Google on its event. ETAs – are a type of Google ad that appears in search results (generally on top). With an ETA you can create three headlines (up to 30 characters each), two descriptions (up to 90 characters each), and a display URL.


Then what works over it? Well, Google told the community that we replaced ETAs with Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) as the default ad type for standard Search campaigns. However, advertisers can only hide, pause, and remove ETAs.

Update #5: New “about this ad” Pages

Declared on – September 22, 2021

Have you ever seen ‘About This Ad’ message on YouTube or any other platform? I am sure you have seen it. 

About This Ad is generally illustrating the information about the respective ad you are seeing currently. It has a link inserted which redirects you to the page for detailed information. 

The update facilitate users to see “about this ad page” in Display, Video, and Shopping ad placements.


When you click on the ‘About this ad’ you redirect to the page where you have the various options to tackle the Ad such as ‘stop seeing this ad’, ‘report this ad’, ‘see more ads by this advertiser’. 

Google Ads Updates Revision [September 2021]

  1. Updates to broad and phrase match 
  2. More automation for Display
  3. Search terms report improvements 
  4. Eliminating of ETAs 
  5. The updated “about this ad” page

However, there are other updates announced by Google , be it ‘A new travel ad type’, ‘Google shopping ad attribute’, and ‘Ad for Display and YouTube campaign’. Besides this, Google is also planning to bring some more updates on this subject. 

So sit back, practice these updates and reinforce your Advertisement campaign at ease. In case you need any help such as how to run ads on Instagram or how to do keyword research for YouTube videos, etc. Simply get in touch with our experts 🙂

5 Recent (Hot!) Google Ads Updates You Should Know About

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